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I want to give a big shout-out to my friend Naomi Caver and her fantastic company! Her skin care products are amazing-my elbow look 30 years younger and my skin, which has been put through a LOT in the past couple of years, is glowing thanks to Branches Body Butter. All natural ingredients..
Wendy Marquard Picard
Just ordered some awesome homemade products from my good friend Naomi Caver. This lady started her own business, making her dreams come true after her momma passed away. So, in honor of my friend and her momma in heaven (who raised a beautiful, godly woman) I'm sharing her site so you can enjoy these amazing products as well. Let's help her business dreams come true... I love you dearly my friend!
Michin Penolope
Hello, My name is Bonnie Elder, I am so excited to share an experience that I know you will love. Being a cosmetologist allows me to realize whats good for different hair textures...ladies and gentlemen, after searching for years I finally found the secret to hair growth, Shea Juicy Hair Butter/Pomade! I've only used it for a month and I already see healthy new growth!!! The BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER PURCHASED
Bonnie Elder
Good morning; Just wanted to let you know I believe the ointment (Branches Pain Relief Balm) is working. I went up to Mother Cabrini Shrine yesterday, walked all the way up to the top, almost 400 steps and NO PAIN this morning when I got up. Thank you.
Janice Mathis
The Branches whipped Shea butter is my favorite! It is so creamy and makes my skin so soft! I even used it on my 2 year old twins and I loved the results! I use it also at night for my heels and i have noticed the difference from only using my cream in the last week. I am so grateful for my all natural product! Its safe for me and safe for my children as well! I can't wait to order again!
Kandice Porter
So what can i say this product is hands were peeling and the sugar scrub cleared that up in 2 days, the whipped coconut butter has made my skin so soft you can feel it soaking in and i wash my hands constantly and use hand sanitizer. I don't have to put anymore on throughout the day. Now, the lip balm is so silky and cleared away my chapped lips. This is no joke, I am simply amazed! I have had pain in the heel for over 2 months that came on just out of the blue and I've tried EVERYTHING possible to make the pain go away; you gave me some peppermint salve to just try and I cannot believe it, the pain went away, no joke i can walk without limping, no foot pain...I'm in shock, simply amazed
Dana Giarmona
Hey Cuz, Renea loved the products, she said they are awesome, will definitely be making a reorder
Andrew Ford

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